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well then.

Wotcher, Watchers !
(Who Are Apparently Nearly All Still Here!)
Well, I got a pretty overwhelming response to
the post the other day, and here's the plan.

YES, I'm going to start posting again.

However, I think maybe I should reread DH
first, don't you? So I'm going to do that.
I've got some free time coming up, so I'll
work on it then. Also, I'm not going to have
much internet access between the 9th and 24th
of this month, but then I'm back for good.
So the tentative plan is to start things
up again roughly around then, if you guys
don't mind waiting (which you're going to
have to do regardless, haha).

Then, it'll be mostly business as usual.
However- question. Show I get into post-series
stuff? I'm kind of torn on that and want your
opinions. I'm already working up some DH ideas
but don't know what to do beyond that. AND should
I do entries from years 1-6 still? I have no idea.

So let me know, and tell your friends we're back on.
Snag the button from the profile. Spread the word.
You guys rock.

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wotcher, folks... are you out there?

*dusts place off*

Soooo, hey there guys!
If I were to maybe, possibly, who knows,
start working on this thing again every now and then
(as I never really put my little spin on DH after all),
would any one care to read it, or should I give it up entirely
or hand it over to someone else? If I get enough responses
to this, we might to an actual poll. Till then-

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(no subject)


First off, Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a nice holiday
and such and has a wonderful year!

Anyway, I haven't updated much and
I apologize. I've been working a lot
lately. However, I have a little idea
that might make up for it in some way.

For a holiday gift to you all, everyone
(yes, everyone who wants one) gets to
request a small something from Ron.
It could be a doodle, a little note,
just about anything. But yeah...
Request away!

Happy New Year once again!

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(no subject)

Wotcher, Watchers!

Sorry I've been rather MIA lately.
Last time it really couldn't be helped.
It was just a very, very bad day.
And today, well, I'm just sort of
brain dead, haha. However, I'm trying
to plan something lovely for Christmas,
so hang in there. Thanks so much.

Until then, I say we talk book 7
and movie 5. What's the latest you've
heard about the movie? Do you have any
good theories about the last book?
Tell me what you think!